In your face Toilet plops and training

You really love when I tease and taunt you…when I show off my body and turn into a real brat. Mind fucking you over and verbally humiliating you at the same time but I have a real treat for you. There is a twist to my wicked mind….you gotta earn this special treat. Im going to train you and show you how to be a good toilet slave. Im going to be very verbal and let you know what I expect out of you and if you follow my rules and requirements you will receive a treat. A brown treat in your face! Im going to get you to lay down on that floor with your mouth wide open waiting for my asshole to wink begging for me to release in your mouth. My asshole will be placed right on top of you and all the while Ill continue verballing humiliating you! Download In your face Toilet plops and training movie

I Pooped on the Public Shithole!

This shithole is like the glory hole but instead of asking for cock, the occupants is asking for feces. One day I went to a popular shithole and I found someone whos begging to eat my shit. So I squatted over the hole and unloaded my sticky and foul-smelling turd. Dude opened his mouth and took it all in! Damn! Download I Pooped on the Public Shithole! movie

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