Blackmail Scat Domination

The total delivery of a slave. What tell his wife when she see the pictures of her husband? With shit in his mouth! Or, as he just suck on a tampon! And he become a orgasm on my command! or the nice photos from worships my Feet or blows my heels 🙂 Well, his bad luck! Wife and job away. But he is now on Lifetime my trash and my toilet. What a lucky loser. Download Blackmail Scat Domination movie


So you dont want to eat my shit raw. Thats ok… Im going to arrange a little treat for some of you. Im sure youll enjoy it. Firstly though, I have to make sure you have that thing in you hand, YES your cock. Pay attention, as Im going to prepare this little treat from the very beginning. As I remove my clothes, Im sure youll antisipate whats cum-ming. I have a very nice new pan that Im going to use to shit in. Dont worry, Its clean. I will then place it on my cooker and slowly allow it to cook. 5 minutes should be enough. There we have it, your original Courden Bleu shit by Goddess Mistress Gaia. Maybe some ORANGE JUICE to wash it down. Enjoy!! Download MISTRESS GAIA – COURDEN BLEU SCAT- HD version movie

Eat My Shit, Disgusting Scat Pig!

You are so fucking disgusting! You nasty, fucked up, toilet pig! Do you know how worthless you look, down there on the floor begging to eat my shit!? That is all you are good for! You are completely worthless! You are begging to take the place of a toilet! If you want my shit you are going to have to beg for it! You will have to completely degrade yourself. You will squirm around on the floor like a stupid worm! You will lower yourself to the level of dirt. That is what you are. You are less important then dirt! You, nasty, shit eating swine! You want my shit!? Beg for it, you nasty pig! Beg for my shit, stupid toilet slave! If I let you eat my poop and you gag or choke or for one second look like you are not enjoying it, you will be severely punished! And I will never let you taste my shit again! You will chew and swallow all of my shit! You have no other option. Eat my shit, toilet slave! Eat it now! Download Eat My Shit, Disgusting Scat Pig! movie

One by One They Drowned him in their piss! – Part 4

A dozens of nasty Mistresses and a slave who is strapped up on the ground, wrapped up in foil so he cannot move his arms and a bowl over his head where the Mistress has placed him to receive their discharge! They then took it one by one to piss on vunerable slave until the bowl is almost full and the slaves head is drowning in the Mistresses piss! What a joy to watch! Download One by One They Drowned him in their piss! – Part 4 movie

MistressAnna – Brownie dinner and bonus video

Imagine that you are my slave and I have decided to serve you dinner. You get to see my face as I tell you what I have in store for you, the perfect symbol of my contempt for you, served on a platter. You get to see the smile I will have on my face as I serve your dinner and the complete lack of compassion I will have as I watch you eat it. This is a two for one video and so you get to see me serve you another meal. This time it will be smoother and creamier so you will have to get your face completely in the plate and suck it down your own throat. I am wearing my sharpest high heels just in case you need extra encouragement to be MY TOILET! Download MistressAnna – Brownie dinner and bonus video movie

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