Special Ks pile up WMV

New girl who goes by the name Special K comes by to drop a huge pile of soft serve in the slaves mouth and face. Shes been on a high fiber diet and shits out some huge piles. What a lucky slave. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats. Download Special Ks pile up WMV movie

187.2 Lot of pee and incredible soap in ass

187.2 I forget to say you that this is a very recent video done in October 2014 by me. This 30 min of clip is very full of pissing whith perfect close up, you can see more that you think. But this video is one of my best just because i decide to put a new soap in the ass of Carlotta. You can not understand if you do not see that. The soap was very big, i had to do a clistere (with mineral addicted water) to him to let the soap go out. It is my first time i do a clistere, Carlotta shot the soap, it is wonderfull for me. May be for you too to see all that. MP4. I love this clip! Download 187.2 Lot of pee and incredible soap in ass movie

Swallow My Vomit P6

Now Mistress Michelle is pissing and spitting in his grave. At next she use a toilet especially made for toilet slaves. Now she is relaxed and press out her shit which it falls directly in the mouth of the toilet slave. The toilet slave are fighting to swallow the shit and has to wank herself at the same time. http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 Download Swallow My Vomit P6 movie

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