Shit and Smear!

Check out this nice slow shitting video. The poop just oozes out of my asshole. I grunt and moan as I push those beautiful wet turds out of my big sexy ass. The turds fall to the floor of my bathtub. They look so pretty. Its the perfect load for smearing. I know that this shit will feel so good smeared all over my sexy ass! I scoop up a handful of my poop and moan as I cover my ass is shit! It feels so good. I start to breathe heavy and really start to smell that delicious shit. My ass looks so good covered it shit and it turns me on so much! I bend over and start to rub my pussy. Im not surprised to find that it is soaking wet! I sniff and moan and groan as I work myself closer and closer to an orgasm. Oh god! It feels so good to cum with shit all over my ass! Enjoy! Download Shit and Smear! movie

165.1 First scat Jordan

165.1 This is the first scat of one slave named Jordan. Try do be a toilet-slave it is not easy, you se a lot of clips with slaves used to be a wc but the reality is different. Jodan is a mentalist and fetish slave who for devotion try to be my toilet. Let you see the first time when a true slave is doing uman wc. MP4 esy and fast to download. LONG CLIP 30 MIN Download 165.1 First scat Jordan movie

Tight Ass Close UP Shitting! – non HD

Its one thing to watch a pretty girl shitting; its another thing to see it in a way that looks like shes shitting right on your face! She pulls down her shorts and panties and sits on the bowl. After a minute of grunting, her pretty asshole ejects a long piece of turd which plunks down noisily on the water. She wipes her ass clean using tissue paper, stands up, and puts on her panties and shorts before walking out of the comfort room. Download Tight Ass Close UP Shitting! – non HD movie

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