Seducing Older Man with Her Puke!

She knows what he likes and she will give it to him! He likes women puking all over him and for this, shes gonna get the new car that he promised her. She teases him by chewing on the end of the whip, knowing how much that makes his cock hard. She makes him lie down and then she squats over him. Putting her fingers up her mouth, she coughs out vomit with generous chunks of the curry she had for lunch. After covering him with her disgusting puke, she grabs hold of his cock and jacks him off until he squirts all over her hands. Download Seducing Older Man with Her Puke! movie

Princess Grace.Female orgasm.Assorted Extreme Scat

Princess Grace.Female orgasm.Assorted Extreme Scat Extreme farting. Princess Grace masturbating on to the slaves full of shit face. Grace, with beautiful breasts and big ass humilates a slave, she sit down on his face and fart. This winds plagued Grace all day and now slave receiving portion by portion of fine gases in his nose. And now slave must to lick the ass of his Mistress, Grace filled his mouth crap, poor slave drowned, but Princess Grace like this and she is very exciting to shit on the slave, she musturbating pussy with her hands, rubs her ass on his full of shit face, stronger…stronger…and finally Grace finished with screams… Download Princess Grace.Female orgasm.Assorted Extreme Scat movie

Belly Poop Love

Its time to poop again! Check out this position! Head down and ass up! What a great view as this massive, giant turd slowly pushes its way out of my ass and falls between my ass cheeks and onto the floor! Woah! its a big one! A long, moist turd perfect for smearing! I pick up my big poop and I start to smear it all over my big belly! I love my belly! Its so perfect and round and soft! It feels so good to touch it and play with it! I find my curves are so sexy. I feel like a beautiful scat goddess! My big round belly looks so beautiful covered in my stinky poo! Then I start to cover my big, low hanging tits! They look like udders! But they feel so amazing with my poop smeared all over them! Once they are completely covered I pick one up and lick my boob! Mmmm! I love the taste of my shit! I even get some poop on my face! Hot! I get up on my hands and knees and swing my tits and belly around! It feels so good to feel my boobs and belly hanging and swinging around especially since there is so much poop on them too! I am a very happy poop lover! Download Belly Poop Love movie

Mistress Roberta – Humiliation and arousal as punishment

Today my subby boyfried is caught again stroking his cock and because he wasnt asking permission i start to play with him , humiliate him arouse him but deny everything he really wanted instead i let him kiss my over the knee high heels boots, i let him kiss my divine ass, let him be near of my pussy so i can pee and cum on him, spit on him , and in the end milk his cock and telling him he is looking like a public toilet all kinds of spearm , pee and spit 🙂 !Enjoy. Download Mistress Roberta – Humiliation and arousal as punishment movie

Mistress Emily shit on the face

I have my personal slave toilet that serves me anytime and anywhere. I come home and he cleans my shoes. I spit on his face. Hes just a thing for me, and I can easy give a shit in his mouth full. Enjoy the taste of my shit loser. So I have a toilet slave criterion – you must eat all of my shit. You really want to take the place of my toilet. You just a toilet slut. Download Mistress Emily shit on the face movie

full toilet with 2 bisexual slaves

Today Godess coming back from her vacation and she was so cruel !! She call 2 slaves for her dirty pleasures !! For today she was thinking for a bisexual party, and slaves become her toilets . She put one of them to suck other, meanwhile she fuck him with strapon in his ass, then she put both of them on the ground and with faces together she begin to piss and shit in their open wide mouths !! They chew and eat her dirty Diarrhea then she continue humiliation, putting shit on one cock and oblige other slave to suck the dirty cock. At the end, one slave is allowed to cumm for a good cock sucking with Diarrhea on cock !! Download full toilet with 2 bisexual slaves movie

Pantyhose, strapon fucking with my bisexual toilets

Today Mistress feeling so kinky and call both toilets to come into her dungeon. She will tease them and make them hard just with her legs in hose. She dressed in a black pantyhose and spiked boots and order them to lick her shoes and clean them. After a few minutes of show and legs worshipping, she gagging them with her barefeet. she also use them as ashtray meanwhile they massage her feet.She prepare them for a good session of toilet slavery, pushing her pee from a bowl into their hungry mouths and foot gagging them at the end. Godess also train one of her slaves to suck her huge strapon and fuck his ass. Meanwhile the other slave filming how she humiliate the other. Then both toilet slaves are ready to worship their Godess and obey her orders. Mistress wanna see them each other sucking and she fuck one slave asshole with her huge strapon while other slave is sucked, At the end she stroke slave cock until he is cumming and exhausting by other slave mouth on his cock. Nice action in a threesome ! Download Pantyhose, strapon fucking with my bisexual toilets movie

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