A video short and andquot;cheapandquot;, but intense: suitable for a beast like you! A fast paced shit only, but you will see it coming out of my ass with close shots and you will enjoy to die for! And in the end, therell be also a nice piss, do you like? My shit exquisite and fragrant in a little pond of pee …. eh eh eh eh Download MISTRESS GAIA – THE PERFECT SHIT FOR A TOILET-SLAVE – mobile version movie

Packing my Shit!

My big beautiful ass is full of shit again! I can feel that its a BIG load! I know its going to stretch my hole open! Maybe even rip it open! I sure do have some amazingly gigantic loads of shit! I tell you how I am going to fuck my asshole with my toy. Im going to pack my shit with my dildo. And Im going to imagine that its your cock fucking my ass, stuffing my shit in as far as it will go! I want you to pack my shit with your cock! I get my hole nice and wet and suck on the toy cock so it will slide right into my asshole! As soon as its in Im met with resistance! Its my poop! I can feel my turds up in my ass! I fuck my ass nice and hard! I feel myself starting to cum. But not yet! I push the toy cock out of my ass and show you my hole! Ive packed my shit in deep but it is desperate to get out of my ass! Its going to be a struggle to push it all out! I grunt and moan and push as hard as I can! I dont think Ive ever made noises like this before while shitting! Those turds are really far up in there! I packed my poop in good! Finally with all the grunting and moaning, I push the poop out of my hole! Woah! There is so much! It really rips my hole up! I even bleed a little! Yikes! Those are some big turds! It feels so good to get it all out of me! I am breathing heavily and my pussy is dripping. Download Packing my Shit! movie

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