Squishy scat voyeurism

Your cameras are set up and you are waiting for the next unsuspecting ladie to turn up to use your new facility. For them, its just a normal public toilet. For you, it?s a “FACILITY” to capture the variety of discharges. You never know what you are going to get which adds to the excitement. On this occasion, this unsuspecting lady squats down and delivers a nice stream of squishy scat. Just like chocolate moose and so easy to swallow! If only she knew what you was watching her?! Download Squishy scat voyeurism movie

The carrotfuck

My lessor stands in my door and accuses me producing porn movies. So me and Miss Jane show him, what we really do. First we torture him a bit, then we brutally push a carrot into his ass and afterwards he gets caviar from us in his mouth. We tell him to chew down all the stinky crap. He will not accuse us again… Download The carrotfuck movie

The Mother and The Daughter! – Full Movie

Her abusive husband has taken interest in her one and only daughter. She knows that something is going on when she is not around and she is right as she caught him in the act with her daughter naked and kneeling before him. To avoid argument and more abuse, she joins them. He makes her swallow her daughters piss in her mouth. While he takes the pleasure in seeing this he smirks to himself, he is getting hard he takes his cock out and take a piss right in her daughters mouth. It is truly turning him on. She made her ride her daughters back like a crab with their ass holes exposed to him and told them to take a dump! While she can as she is use to this from her husband. Her daughter cannot as it is her first time. She knows what he likes.. What she didnt expect is for him to make her eat her own mothers shit!!! Her poor daughter gagged at this.. He then collected all the poop and smeared it to her daughters body and orders her to suck his hard cock while she watched! Download The Mother and The Daughter! – Full Movie movie

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