Jenny Facesitting scat farting

The video is filmed at the request of Jemesa Jenny has handcuffed his slave, sat on his face. Jenny watches a movie, and a slave with an open mouth lies under her ass. Jenny farts he slave in the nose and mouth, slave like smelly fumes of his mistress. Now Jenny will make liquid diarrhea directly in the slaves mouth. When the film ended, Jenny affixed a note to the slaves chest with stapler. Download Jenny Facesitting scat farting movie

Shit Smeared Sheets! Part 1

Oh no! That naughty scat girl is at it again! What has she done to her beautiful white sheets!? It has been a long time coming but I finally got to do some happy nasty scat play in my bed! I have four nice big loads saved up for this event! I pile all the shit up on my white sheets. The dark brown shit makes such a beautiful contrast with the white sheets! I pick up the big pile of shit and start to spread it all over my huge tits! They look so pretty smeared with my poop! I take the chunks of shit and smear it all over my body! I love being covered in my delicious shit! Watch me roll around in the sheets getting them so dirty! Those poor sheets will never be white again! I imagine being fucked in my bed while covered in shit! I roll around in the sheets imagining someone with me playing naughty shit games! This is a fun one, guys! You?ll love it! Enjoy! Check out the orgasmic ending in Part 2! (coming soon!) Download Shit Smeared Sheets! Part 1 movie


I do not think youve ever seen humiliate a human being in this way: after I have ordered my maid to lick the soles of my shoes, first of all I order her to drink a biberon containing my pee, instead of milk, then I wrap her head in a nappy that, just before, I have filled by shit. Finally, I hit her hardly with a wooden spoon. But, in the end, I am generous and allow my servant to go and wash herself, not before I have seen her face after she took off the nappy from the head! A real crap !!! Download MISTRESS GAIA – NAPPY AND BIBERON FOR HER MAID movie

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