My shit is your food HD

Im eat food and you eat shit. Usually after I eat my slave loves to chew food. Look at my sweet lips, you useless thing. And I can take a shit, a lot of shit. Im peeing and shitting in a toilet. Do you really want to suck up to me after the toilet, do not you? I know you love it. This shit for you. Be my toilet forever. Download My shit is your food HD movie


Today I will use my two personal slaves, my worm will be my human chair and my bitch will do my human toilet. After I released my stomach, my worm, the only one with a clean mouth, will have the immense honor to clean my ass, while my bitch will get out of the way, but the video doesnt end here ? Download MISTRESS GAIA – MY PERFECT PERSONAL SLAVES – mobile version movie

Princess Jenny Scat Facesitting choke suffocation farting

1. Jenny did a crap on her slave in the bathroom I decided to take a bath, but I wanted to take a crap. Thats so great that I have my personal slave. This jerk is lying on the bathroom floor with his mouth open and waiting when I will feed him. I spit in his face, then I relieve myself, I place shit in his mouth with pleasure, I like to watch how this wanker eats my shit, next time Ill make him eat right from the toilet. To be continued! 2. Princess Jenny Facesitting choke suffocation farting Download Princess Jenny Scat Facesitting choke suffocation farting movie

Mistress Michelle- Kaviar Knebel P1

Mistress Michelle has a lot of fun with this new toilet slave which Lady Chrissy has brought her. The slave gets his cock and balls tied and open hand strikes Mistress Michelle against his balls. He groans and writhes. Soon he kneels on the ground and licking the feet of his mistress and is used as a spittoon. Then it goes fast, because Mistress Michelle pees the toilet slave easy in his mouth and he has good to swallow. Soon swells soft fresh caviar from the butt of Mistress Michelle and the shit fills the mouth of the toilet slaves. Download Mistress Michelle- Kaviar Knebel P1 movie


Just in the winter one has too look for good feeding for the slaves. Therefore I went to the basement and took my slave up for feedingtime. He was bound to the cross and with 10 kg weight on his balls he was fed with my caviar. After that, he was surprised with some clamps, ballbusting and cbt! I think he is fed up for the next days. (scat, cbt, ballbusting, slave vomit, spitting, nipple play, femdom, female domination) Download Feedingtime movie

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