Just in the winter one has too look for good feeding for the slaves. Therefore I went to the basement and took my slave up for feedingtime. He was bound to the cross and with 10 kg weight on his balls he was fed with my caviar. After that, he was surprised with some clamps, ballbusting and cbt! I think he is fed up for the next days. (scat, cbt, ballbusting, slave vomit, spitting, nipple play, femdom, female domination) Download Feedingtime movie

Dirty Daddy Eats Off Her Stuffed Ass! – non HD

Her generous sugar daddy is begging for it…he wants to have a go at her beautiful ass! Now this bitch knows what he wants but shes not going to give it to him unless he promises to buy that pretty sports car she saw earlier! She teases him by rubbing her hands on her pretty cunt while he watches and drools. She makes him lick the juices off her fingers! Then she bends over and allows him to take the stuffing out her asshole! Download Dirty Daddy Eats Off Her Stuffed Ass! – non HD movie

Mistresss toilet! – Part 2

Part 2 is where she shits on me and I am not surprised of how much poo she can unload.. It just keeps going and going? then she rides my face, smothering me with her shit everywhere in my face but I LOVE IT! She thinks its my punishment but she doesn?t know how much i love her SCAT! Download Mistresss toilet! – Part 2 movie

Big Sexy Farts!

Mmm! My big butt is at it again! I just cannot stop farting! Lucky I captured all my nasty smelly glory for you to watch and hear! I am completely naked in my living room. I am letting out the loudest farts ever! I keep giggling and moaning every time I let one out! I wonder if my neighbors can hear me farting so loud! How embarrassing if they could! They must think Im one smelly girl! I keep let those farts rip out of me because I know you can hear me! And thats what matters to me! I love sharing my dirty, smelly farts with you! Enjoy! Download Big Sexy Farts! movie

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