(S)Cat sis Vomit 01

(S)Cat sis puke in a washbassin, they scoope the vomit with a glas and give this Princess gift the slave who has to drink it all, then they put his face into the washbassin and allow him to drink the rest of the vomit directly from the washbassin! If you like really cruel girls dont miss this crazy german Chicks! Very dirty talk in german! If you would like a personal session with the Cats write at: sessions@femdomuncut.com Download (S)Cat sis Vomit 01 movie

Domestic slave dominated and FED pee and scat!

A very beautiful mistress who also looks very feminine, but don?t let her appearance mislead you. She is as ruthless as any other mistress youre likely to encounter. She first dominates him with her feet, ordering him to worship her feet. Once this is complete, she takes position on her favorite chair and feeds him a funnel serving of pee and then pushes out a EXTREMELY long serving of her delicious scat. There is so much shit that she has to feed him chunks of her scat by picking it up using her rubber gloves! Download Domestic slave dominated and FED pee and scat! movie

Shower Scat

Maisy visits Berlin and has a nice hotel room with a big bathroom. She gets a shower and during her shower she has to shit…..she makes a big shit and starts to play with the scat. Maisy smears, lick and tastes her scat…. Download Shower Scat movie

Mistress Anna – A Balanced Diet

Even a toilet has its nutritional requirements. So, to its regular diet of shit I, in my tender mercy, occasionally allow the slave to add my piss and its own penis discharge to its diet. It is even allowed to feel the touch of my hand on its penis to facilitate its spew. The video begins with me sitting regally on my throne and you get to see my face as the slave attends to my needs. I first allow it a glass of my piss. The slave takes its place beneath my toilet. The delicate hairs on my ass glow in the sun as my slave worships my asshole to its inner most depths. I mostly ignore the slave, accepting his worship and suffering as part of the natural order of things. I produce one of my largest loads on its face. After, I make it cum-squirt into my hand and wipe the seaman off into its face. I am sure it will go well with my shit! Download Mistress Anna – A Balanced Diet movie

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