The Mask Part 7 Samantha

Here we have a Movie that was very heavy on our Slave. The Rock Toilet weights 12 KG plus the Girl around 50 KG and then the Slave left with the Option swallow fast or not breath, which created big Problems, but at the End The Slave won by swallowing all and fast. A Camera is mounted in the Back of this Toilet and shows clearly what happens inside. English Subtitles Download The Mask Part 7 Samantha movie

Post Workout Shit and Piss

Phew that was a brutal jog outside! My ass is nice and sweaty with a brown turd waiting to come out for YOU! I know how much you enjoy the view of m ass in my tight spandex pants as Im jogging away…staring at that jiggly bubble butt bouncing. I just got home and decided Im going to treat you! A stream of warm pee in the sports bottle for you along with a hot and steamy brown shit treat for you after. On your knees and crawl to my brown Goddess turd….no plate for you this time! You can lick every spec of my soft shit off the dirty floor. Download Post Workout Shit and Piss movie

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