Gina Scat Domination

1.Every day Kate uses the slaves mouth for her needs. Every morning, as she wakes up, she pisses and drops shit in his mouth. She often calls her friends to use the slaves mouth as a toilet. Today, she makes his mouth full of chocolate shit. Do you want to be in his place? 2..Big pile of shit from Gina! Gina diarrhea. Gina has been eating a lot for a few days and she also has been saving up her chocolate shit for her slave. Download Gina Scat Domination movie

I Pooped on the Public Shithole!

This shithole is like the glory hole but instead of asking for cock, the occupants is asking for feces. One day I went to a popular shithole and I found someone whos begging to eat my shit. So I squatted over the hole and unloaded my sticky and foul-smelling turd. Dude opened his mouth and took it all in! Damn! Download I Pooped on the Public Shithole! movie

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