Mommy Pees In Your Diaper and Sippy Cup

Mommy loves you, little baby! Its time for Mommy to change you, baby. Time to get you in a nice, new, fresh diaper. You love it when Mommy loves you and takes care of you and changes you, dont you baby. Well, Mommy loves to take care of you too. But Mommy also loves to be mean to you. She likes to make you suffer a little. And she loves to humiliate you! When Mommy changes you she is not going to put you in a clean diaper. Oh no! Mommy is going to piss in your diaper, baby! What do you think about that!? Do you want to sit in Mommys pee all day long!? You dont really have a choice, baby. Mommy also has another surprise for you. Mommy sees how thirsty you are so she pees into your sippy cup! Its time to put baby to bed. Baby gets to wear a soaking wet diaper and drink from a sippy cup filled with Mommys pee. Goodnight, baby! Download Mommy Pees In Your Diaper and Sippy Cup movie

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