From white tights to BROWN – Pushing his limits!!

Just plain farting on my slaves face was getting old, I feel like hes getting used to it. Its time to test his limits;) I hold it in for two days, building up the nastiest surprise for him. Loading up on gassy foods before squeezing into some thin white tights and blowing the absolute foulest airy farts right into his nose!!! God that must smell terrible. The smell is even making me gag. Whats Worse is the right fabric of these leggings does an excellent job of holding in all that extra fart and make it linger for what seems like eternity… Every breath he takes will be straight from my gas filled leggings with his nose right up against my butthole.. But I cant hold it in any longer… lets see if he can breathe through my leggings when their full of my sht!!.. Time for your new test baby. Maybe if you can handle this Ill promote you to full toilet duty.. actually that doesnt matter to me.. Youll be spreading that mouth open for me before you know it honey ;).. ——WARNING– Clip contains toilet humiliation and “filthy” legging smother, view at your own discretion. The clip does continue for about another 5 minutes when I decide to pull down my tights and give him a full on smother in my filth. Grinding it into his face, filling his mouth and nose to the point of it coming out in the back of his throat!! But that has been cut out due to personal reasons. Details to obtain the final ending the clip are found within the video. Download From white tights to BROWN – Pushing his limits!! movie

Baby Boy�s Shit Dinner!

Are you Mommys sweet little baby? Is my little baby boy hungry!? Its time for your dinner isnt it baby! Mommy has something very special prepared for your dinner. But first lets get this diaper under your butt. We dont want you to make any messes! Are you ready to eat your dinner? Do you want to know what youre going to be eating, baby boy? Youre going to be eating Mommys shit! Mommy has a nice big load of poop in her butt! Im going to push it out and youre going to eat it for dinner! You have to be a good baby and everything Mommy gives you! The rest of the poop is going to go in your diaper! Then Mommy will diaper you up and make you sit in a filthy stinky diaper filled with Mommys poop! Watch Mommy poop right into your diaper and then feed you like the little baby you are! Be a good baby and suffer for Mommy. Mommy loves seeing you eat this disgusting poop! You nasty, poopy baby! Enjoy! Download Baby Boy�s Shit Dinner! movie

Mistress Roberta – Pantyhose and pee play part 1

Today my subby boyfriend will be my toy and his body will be fully used and teased alot until he will cum so first i decide to let him worship my ass and pussy tough my pantyhose while i play a little bit with his cock scratch him, play with his nipples and constantly move in different positions even tease him with my pantyhose on his cock after handjob , a foot job is perfect with my perfect soles and handjob tease again more in next part . Download Mistress Roberta – Pantyhose and pee play part 1 movie

Hot and horny Goddess gets fucked and squirted shit out of her ass!

This hot and very horny Goddess gets vibrated while shes tied up wide open, she cum multiple times then she squirted a little shit from her ass. After she came again and again she wants your cock to fuck her very wet pussy. Before then she had enema plugged into her butthole as she loves it. While she was getting fuck a load of shit squirted out of her ass. A good watch :p Dont miss it. Youll love it too. ***Special Discount*** Download Hot and horny Goddess gets fucked and squirted shit out of her ass! movie

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