Shit Head! Part 4: Squirting and Lube Smearing

Mmm! Being covered in 10 loads of shit is making me so horny! Its time to make my pussy cum! I pull out my favorite toy which always makes me squirt! I shove it up my dirty pussy and fuck myself so hard! You can hear my sloppy wet pussy! Its not long before my squirt starts dripping out! It feels so good to cum this hard! I love the sploshy sounds! Ive covered my head in shit and its really hot, but I think I can get even dirtier! I pull out a bottle of liquid lube! Im going to squirt lube all over my head! Ill so pretty with wet lubey shit all over my hair and face and body! After pouring the entire bottle over my head I fuck myself with the lube bottle! I am having so much sexy shitty fun!!! Enjoy! Download Shit Head! Part 4: Squirting and Lube Smearing movie

048.2 Rospos Scat

048.2 Second part of this TOP video, now there is the scat moment, italian caviar directly in the slaves mouth. Dont miss it. MP4. This video is abouth 30 min. Really low cost for u. Mistress Isabella. Download 048.2 Rospos Scat movie

Shit Head! Part 3: Golden Eggs

After covering my face and entire head and hair in 10 loads of shit I get really dirty with some fun insertables! Look at these awesome golden eggs! I?m going to stuff them up my cunt and then push them out! Mmm! They feel so good inside me, stretching my cunt out! I push down like I?m shitting or giving birth and out pops the eggs! I?m laying eggs just like a chicken! Now I push the golden eggs up my ass! It feels so amazing to stretch my shithole open and putting those eggs inside of me. Once they are all in it feels like I need to shit! Those eggs feel exactly like poop! I grunt and squat and push those babies out of my ass, just like a giant turd! Enjoy! Download Shit Head! Part 3: Golden Eggs movie

Domestic slave pelted with scat!

A domestic slave is positioned under the scat chair by his mistress. He is ready and waiting to receive her golden nectar. He knows that once his mistress starts shitting, there is normally lots of it and so he uses his hands as if he is going to shout very loud but instead he uses them as a funnel to direct the scat into his open mouth. He feeds and feeds until the sweet shit is forming a mountain over his face! Download Domestic slave pelted with scat! movie

Anna feeds her slave

I HAVE TO TAKE A DUMP, AND YOURE GOING TO GET IT-RIGHT IN YOUR WIMPY TOILET MOUTH!! Its really an easy concept to understand ! Now open wide my little toilet, and get ready to eat my shit, you total loser. Ive been holding it in for a really long time now, and it cant wait any longer. I dont know if you could tell, with all the gas Ive been having recently. And … LOL what HUGE shit ! Hahahaha do You like it ??? Because you must like it luser ! This is your fate ! Download Anna feeds her slave movie

Kaviar Dreams P1

This is his first time for the slave to comes to Scatqueens-Berlin and likes to eat the shit of Mistress Michelle. She is very strict to the new toilet slave and she does not give any attention to him while she is shitting a big pile in his throat. Download Kaviar Dreams P1 movie

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