Erin Gina Scat Domination

1.Erin and Gina met again to humiliate John and use his mouth instead of toilet bowl. Erin gives some slaps in the slaves face, then she and Gina spit in his face. Erin sits down on a toilet stool under which already lies John with his mouth is open waiting when the mistresses will finally piss and shit into his mouth. Erin is pissing on John. Now its Ginas turn. A beautiful ass of Gina abundantly places shit in his mouth. After that girls are spitting and spreading with feet remnants of shit on Johns face. Who wants to be in John?s boots? Girls will be happy to place shit in your mouth and humiliate you! 2.Scat Domination Princess Gina Erin acquires an obedient toilet slave. Download Erin Gina Scat Domination movie

Slow Sexy Poops!

Enjoy this long sexy shit! I sit back and take my time pushing those turds out. It feels so good when each turd stretches my hole open and I hear the poo fall to the floor of my tub. I love talking dirty to you and I slowly shit for you. I love knowing that you are watching me. You are seeing every little detail of my pretty little shithole as it opens up and all that sexy stinky shit pokes its head out! I love blowing you shit kisses! I get off on winking my asshole for you! Its like my ass is flirting with you! I know youve get off on this one! I sure did! ; ) Download Slow Sexy Poops! movie

060.3 Mistress Isabella TASTE

060.3 Have a nice night with this superb ending of video 060. Im Italian, you know, Italians do it better, let you see all Italian Style in the ART of Scat. May be if you will come to me in Sardinia i will learn you Italian so you can have a nice holiday and study the language!!!!!!!! Download 060.3 Mistress Isabella TASTE movie

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