Laying on Back: Shit and Eat!

I lay down on my back in one of my favorite positions to shit and I push out a nice big moist load of perfect, brown shit! It feels amazing shitting out all that poop! This is such a hot load of poop too! l roll over onto my belly and start to admire my shit. I breathe in deep and really smell my delicious shit! I want to taste my poop so bad! I pick up a big chunk and shove it in my mouth! Oh it tastes so good! I wish I could just chew this huge massive turd and swallow it down. Not yet I let it fall out of my mouth and I talk dirty to you as I spit. I let my shitty spit drip down my mouth. Then I take the biggest turd and try to deep throat it just like it is a nice hard cock! I chew the big turd and get so turned on as it falls out of my mouth! Its time to eat my shit! I pick up a little baby turd and put it in my mouth! Im about to eat my own poop! Im about to swallow my shit! And I swallow it down! Mmm! Its amazing I know its just a small piece but it tastes so damn good! It feels amazing to swallow my shit! Download Laying on Back: Shit and Eat! movie

2 big dumps in 1 day 720p HD

Curvy ebony shit queen Thai Michelle gives you 2 big dumps in 1 day. The first dump she sits her beautiful ass on the toilet and drops some heavy apples in the toilet that you can hear splashing as they are pushed out her ass and then spreads her ass wide so you can see her dirty hole. The second she squats down and unleashes some fat hole stretching logs for you to enjoy. Download 2 big dumps in 1 day 720p HD movie

Scat Cats 04 Second Cam

This is the same clip like Vomit Cats 04, but from a different camera angle. We have a new scat slave wow! First both of us piss in his mouth, then Kimi Cat shits a very very big pice of yummy creamy shit in his pathetic mouth! We spit at him and push all the scat deep inside his mouth! Download Scat Cats 04 Second Cam movie

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