Swallow My Vomit P6

Now Mistress Michelle is pissing and spitting in his grave. At next she use a toilet especially made for toilet slaves. Now she is relaxed and press out her shit which it falls directly in the mouth of the toilet slave. The toilet slave are fighting to swallow the shit and has to wank herself at the same time. http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 Download Swallow My Vomit P6 movie

So Much Poop!

Ive got another AMAZING pooping video for you! Over 12 minutes and 8 loads of shit! Watch my tight little asshole open up and gape so wide as load after load of fresh, stinky, hot, shit comes bursting out of my shithole! I love making EFRO videos! And this one is one of the greatest videos Ive ever made!!!! Enjoy! Download So Much Poop! movie

Slave toilet training by two Mistresses

Two Mistresses toilet training for their slvae today, first mistress had a hard time having her first shit come out. She concentrated and finally it landed on slaves mouth, then mistress #2 uses a thong to make the slave eat shit. Mistress #2 sat on the stool, she took a piss first and then let out her shit into slaves mouth and again uses a thong to make the slave it all of their shit! Download Slave toilet training by two Mistresses movie

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