Sexy farts and shitty ass smearing

I feel so gassy today, i have so many sexy farts for you, mmm smell them put your nose in my asshole and smell them, I take so many farts and after this i feel like i need to release myself so I pee in my white leggings and i makea big shit also, I smear my smoothie all over my ass and my body, omg my smoothie smells so good, and my farts too open your mouth and get ready for my sexy hot farts. Enjoy! Download Sexy farts and shitty ass smearing movie

White Shorts Shit! EFRO and Smearing

I just got these super sexy white shorts! The fit me so well and I love how white they are. But they would be a lot sexier if they were stained with my shit! Don?t you think? I dance around in my shorts and talk dirty to you until I can?t wait any longer! I let out a huge stream of pee! I love the wet look on my shorts! But I really need to poop now! I slowly let out a nice big turd. You can see a bulge growing in the back of my shorts! A big dark brown bulge! Oh! My white shorts are filled with my poop now! It feels so good! I love how warm and squishy my shorts feel! I slowly lower my shorts and push out another turd. My ass is so dirty! There is shit all up my crack! It?s so sexy! I?ve just filled my sexy white shorts with a nice big pile of fresh shit! It smells so good! I pick up two big handfuls of poop and start to smear my big, giant tits with my shit! I love smearing my body with my stinky turds. I feel so sexy when I?m covered in poop! I show off the dark brown stain on my white shorts and then I put them on my head! Mmmm! My poop smells amazing! I want to smear my shit all over my face! I talk dirty to you as I smear my face and my tits some more! Enjoy! Download White Shorts Shit! EFRO and Smearing movie

Miranda dips the slave in a toilet bowl

Miranda shits in the slaves mouth, having placed a gag therein so that it could stay open. Miranda pushes the used toilet paper into his mouth, fills it with shit. Now Mistress drags a slave to the toilet to dip the head therein. She puts his head in the toilet, closes the lid and sits down on his head, scratches boots on the unfortunate servant, she spits in his face and then plunges his head into the toilet, presses the head with boots and he cant lift his head, drains water to wash away the remnants of shit on his face. Download Miranda dips the slave in a toilet bowl movie

Shitting on Human Toilets Face!

Her human toilet is made to accommodate all types of bodily fluid and waste coming from her and she doesnt hesitate to use it. With him helpless on the floor, she takes off her panties and sits on his face. She makes him lick and suck her juicy cunt. She stands up and places the portable toilet seat above him. She sits on it and pees right into his face. After taking in her piss, he swallows a huge pile of dump coming from her anus. To finish it off, she inserts paper towels inside his mouth to absorb all the scat on his face and mouth. Download Shitting on Human Toilets Face! movie

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