Corn Eating and Pooping

Mmm! Ive got a nice juicy corn on the cob! Im going to eat it for you. Ill eat this delicious corn knowing that soon Ill be seeing it in my poop! The little undigested corn kernels will show up in my shit days later. I love telling you all about how I think about my food becoming my poop. I eat my corn and talk dirty to you. Soon this corn you are seeing me eat is going to be coming out of my butt! It time to poop out my corn! Its been a few days and I know that my shit is going to be filled with all of the corn I ate! I cant wait to see the bight yellow chunks in my turds! I squat down and shit out my corn filled turds right into my hand! Mmm! It feels so good and makes me so happy to poop! I pick up my fresh steaming load and marvel at the corn stuck in my shit! I show it to you and giggle in glee! Being a shit girl is so much fun! Download Corn Eating and Pooping movie

Dirty Enema Time!

I have such a nasty, dirty ass! I have to clean that filthy ass out all the time! Good thing I love enemas so much! Watch me fill up my ass with warm, clean water and then squirt it out of my ass! When it comes out, the water is a disgusting brown color! Chunks of my old shit come bursting out of my shithole! I love how my belly is big and full of water! It starts to cramp and turn me on! I love filling my ass up with water and shitting it all out! Enjoy! Download Dirty Enema Time! movie

Scat for the Foreigner P1

He is driven directly from abroad to our studio to eat our shit. He wrote to me he wants to serve as a toilet slave. Well, I have given him the chance. Now he stands before us, bound and gagged. Clear that he is excited. language: english+german check out our other stores: Download Scat for the Foreigner P1 movie

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