College girl Libbys first time Ipod/Iphone

Mistress Rayven put the word out that she was looking for more women to shit on her toilet slave. Young petite college girl Libby answered her ad and came by to take a nice messy soft smelly shit in the toilets face. After shitting in the toilets face she wipes her cute ass and leaves without a word. This clip has an added slow motion and sound bonus at the end. You can hear every noise out of her shitting ass and every plop that hits the toilets face. Will be available in 1080p 720p and Ipod/Iphone formats. Download College girl Libbys first time Ipod/Iphone movie

60 Loads! Come Play With Me!

Please come play with me! I have so many ideas of all the nasty, disgusting thing we could do in the pool filled with my poop! This video is all about fantasy! I tell you all about some of the dirties fantasies Ive ever had! I share with the the nasty things I masturbate to! I tell you how I wish you could join me in my pool filled with 60 loads of shit! You and maybe some hot, sexy scat girls too! We could have a scat party and orgy right here in my pool of poop! Download 60 Loads! Come Play With Me! movie

Filled up by Ginger and Chantal

This time the slave is fed with the excrements of Lady Ginger and me. Lady Ginger wanted to pee and did it directly onto my fresh scat. First the slave is fed with a spoon and then Ginger dumps all the brown sauce made of pee and shit directly in his mouth. Before that he has to suffer much pain… His ass felt our whips hard and his nipples were tortured with clamps . Afterwards Ginger announced “Guys with such a little prick cannot expect a better treatment!” *smile* Download Filled up by Ginger and Chantal movie

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