Mouth Filled and Gassed

While going through my boyfriends history I always find plenty of fart porn and sometimes even SC4T.. porn. He likes to lie and say he just watches it because its funny. Being the submissive little bitch pet that he is he lets me tie him up and sit on his face whenever I would like. So I decide to test this little theory of mine.. I strap him into the smother bench and sit on his face like usual.. teasing him I give him strict instruction to stroke his cock and NOT to cum until I give him permission… farting whenever I need to and whether he likes it or not, doesnt matter to me. Im not getting up. So when he needs to breathe.. he breathes what my ass gives him.. what he doesnt expect this time is I decided to put a white pair of panty hose over the top of his head which he was confused on but will soon find out.. Everytime I have to fart he always moans and complains about the smell.. so how about I fill that mouth of his with the same thing I find in his history lately? After dumping plenty of fresh hot gas into his nostrils, I let him know that I have to use the bathroom.. so he thinks hes just going to wait patiently for me to return.. WRONG.. open your mouth Omg noo .. he cries and moans as he realizes whats about to happen but my little bitch will do whatever I ask of him.. I place my ass directly inside his mouth and fill it to the brim before pulling the tights over his face and continuing where I left off.. making a nice gag so I dont have to hear his fucking complaining anymore.. PFFRTTRAPP… Ahh, yes keep stroking.. good boy.. BOOM… I pull off another headshot as I smother his face with my ass and fill his nose with more gas.. Was I right about my theory? Will this pathetic bitch still be able to cum when I command him to? Can anyone really be that pathetic?……… Download Mouth Filled and Gassed movie

Lisas Visit Day1

Lisa comes to me and for her stay here she gets a slave for toiletservice like she loves it. After Lisa has several times shit and piss in the mouth of the toilet slave she begins to masturbate herself till the end. Download Lisas Visit Day1 movie

Gingers first scat session

Ginger thought, that the cur should taste her scat too. After a short enema she shits the brown result in his feeding bowl. Then Ginger puts the brown pieces herself in his mouth and makes the slave to say, that it is a good taste. With her sexy feet she kicks his balls in the end and then leaves him. Download Gingers first scat session movie

Toilet sabotage

At the school toilet, a scatophilia janitor sabotage the toilet flush by disconnecting it so that when the schoolgirls comes back from their breaktime they will be depositing some shit they wouldn?t be able to flush their shit. As expected, a schoolgirl comes and shit then calls the cleaner and told him the toilet doesnt flush, as a good cleaner he was he told her not to worry and he will make sure to get it fix. He totally loved it,smelling fresh young shit from the toilet and scooped it up! Download Toilet sabotage movie

Piss Bottle For Baby

Its time for babys diaper change and dinner! You need a nice fresh diaper, dont you baby! Dont worry! Mommy has one for you! And its dinner time too! Look at this huge bottle Mommy has for you! Oh, but its empty, Mommy needs to fill up your bottle for you! First lets put your bib on. you dont want to spill your bottle all over your cute little baby belly! Now Mommy can fill up your bottle. But Im not going to fill it with milk! Oh no! Im going to fill it with my piss! Oh yes, baby! You want to drink your Mommys piss for dinner dont you! Yum Yum! Watch your Mommy as I unscrew the bottle and squat right over it! I push out a nice yellow stream of pee right into your bottle! Oh its such dark yellow pee! Its not going to taste very good! But youll have to drink it all anyways! Thats the only dinner you get! A giant bottle filled with Mommys yellow piss! Enjoy Baby! Download Piss Bottle For Baby movie

Hard training and chocking with new Godess

Mistress excite her toilet before using his mouth. She was dressed in a pair of pantyhose and order slave to worship her gorgeous body and high heels. Mistress wanna try today a foot gagging session and clean her legs, heels, hose . . .and to suffocate her slave with her foot or her ass. If slave comply her needs, she will go further and she will use him as her toilet slave for ever as a reward !! Then she order him to lay down and be ready for his fate : to ingest all her shit in a 10 minutes of real full toilet slavery !!! Download Hard training and chocking with new Godess movie

Jenny Facesitting scat. Full version

Lady Jenny 18 years :):* Jenny Facesitting scat farting The video is filmed at the request of Jemesa Jenny has handcuffed his slave, sat on his face. Jenny watches a movie, and a slave with an open mouth lies under her ass. Jenny farts he slave in the nose and mouth, slave like smelly fumes of his mistress. Now Jenny will make liquid diarrhea directly in the slaves mouth. When the film ended, Jenny affixed a note to the slaves chest with stapler. Download Jenny Facesitting scat. Full version movie


My slave has a nasty habit of coming to me always dressed like a bum! While tonight, to go out with his girlfriend, he even put his jacket! In addition, this piece of shit, not even asked my permission to go out with her! As punishment, I shit on his jacket and, after having smeared it all, I obliged him to go out like that! Ahh ahh ahh Download MISTRESS GAIA – HIS JACKET OF SHIT movie

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