A new toy

Today my new toy was delivered, so I need to try it out on my slave. The foolish slave cannot stand enough pain, so I have real fun in using the penis-pump real hard. While doing that, I shit and pee in his mouth. Download A new toy movie

Diapered in A Public Bookstore!

Im wearing a diaper in a very public bookstore! There are people everywhere and Im in a diaper! I love flashing you and rubbing my diaper while people walk by! I love being a naughty girl! Peeing in my diaper and rubbing my wet pussy make me feel so good! Its time to get changed! I go into the bathroom and take off my diaper! Oh its so wet! I love the smell of my pee and baby powder mixed together! I lick my wet diaper and rub it all over my face and head! I am such a naughty diaper girl! Enjoy! Download Diapered in A Public Bookstore! movie

Addicted to Human Toilets!

When nature calls, she doesnt just head straight to a normal toilet. She cant pee or defecate properly without a mouth waiting to take in all her shit. So now she sits above a human toilet, her skirt and panties hiked up. She unloads her warm pee all over the guys face. He takes it all in, feeling the warm liquid all over his face and on his mouth and now for her all time favorite another human tissue who eagerly wait to clean her pussy and ass for her! Download Addicted to Human Toilets! movie

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