Enema Blast!

I have one dirty butt! Somethings I have to clean it out to make it nice again! I fill my ass up with so much water I feel like Im going to burst! My belly gets so big and bloated. It looks like I am pregnant I am so full of water! I start to cramp and my ass is desperate to push all the water out! It feels like all I want to do is push and push! But it is so humiliating having you watch as all that nasty dirty water just flies out of my asshole with no control! I cant help it! I turn around and all the water squirts out of my tightly clenched asshole! I try to stop it but it just keeps coming! It feels like hours go by as all the water squirts out of my ass! The water smells awful! I am really cleaning myself out! Some of the water that come out of my ass is brown and nasty! It dribbles down my ass and legs! I love cleaning out my dirty ass! Enjoy! Download Enema Blast! movie


What an amazing time I had being a nasty happy shit girl in PUBLIC!!!! Watch me walk down the street smearing shit on my face and chewing shit as cars drive by! Anyone could see me at anytime! I walked by a man in his yard and a guy walking his dog all with shit on my face and shit in my mouth! I start the video in my bathroom with a baggie full of my shit! I smear it all over my ass, legs, tits, tummy, and my pretty cunt! I stuff a big piece up my wet hole and head outside for some fun! The next time you see me I am walking down the street! I flash you my shit smeared tits and flash my shit covered ass! I find a nice spot in an alley by my house. There are cars driving by on both sides of me but I?m so horny and I have to shit so bad! I pull down my leggings and show off my shitty body! Anyone could see me but I?m so turned on! Then I pull my leggings back up and FILL them with my piss and shit! Right there on the street! I reach into my pants and pull out my fresh warm shit I sniff it and lick it then put it back in there for the walk home! Then it?s time for the best part! I get so horny I can?t help up reach in grab a chunk of shit to chew on and smear all over my face as I walk home! My pussy is dripping and I can?t wait to cum so hard! The second I get home I take off all my shitty clothes and rub the fresh shit into my pussy until I cum and cum and cum! This is an amazing video! I can?t wait for you to experience it! Enjoy!!! Download PUBLIC SHIT ADVENTURE!!!! movie

Mommy Farts!

Hello, baby! Your Mommy is here in your nursery because I have to fart really bad! I want you to smell your Mommys farts! If you are a good baby and breathe in deeply Mommy will put you in a diaper! Yes, baby! Youd like that right!? Your Mommy is being really nasty! Im farting right in your face and on your precious diapers! I even open up a diaper and fart right into it! Im going to put that one on you later! Would you like that baby!? Would you like to wear Mommys farty diaper? Enjoy! Download Mommy Farts! movie

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