Feeding my Sissy

One of my street sluts, who all day stands on the street to work for his mistress and goddess came to my studio, to bring me some money. Because my sissy looked so emaciated, I thought I should give something to eat him. Miss Jane and me fixed the livestock to the pillory and gave him an appetizer in the form of snot and light beats (I cannot hit too hard, because that might reduce his earnings). So Miss Jane made her a beautiful gourmet plate of shit done, exactly before the nose of my street bitch, so he could see the pussy and the opening rosette of Miss Jane. Then my sissy got the shit bite for bite lovingly stuffed in his mouth, he obediently swallowed everything. Now my Sissy was strengthened properly and was able to continue her slave service on the streets! Download Feeding my Sissy movie

Scat by Miss Jane and pee from me

After our slave pig was too stupid to endure our games, we used him as a punishment as a toilet. Miss Jane shits on him and then stuffed all into his mouth. Also she had to pee a lot. The Loser was used really nice *laughs *. He was instilled directly through a funnel by my piss, then he had to clean the floor with his tongue. Download Scat by Miss Jane and pee from me movie

Happy Birthday Shit Eater

Happy Birthday to Me! I sure know how to celebrate my birthday like the happiest shit eater ever! I bought myself a pretty little cake and had a ton of fun with it! I shit and pissed all over the pretty little thing then sat on it with my big sexy ass! The frosting got all up into my ass crack and pussy! I fuck myself with my piggy spoon while humping my shit cake! I eat a few chunks of my shit! I love the taste of shit in my mouth! It makes me giggle and cum! When I get really turned on I dive head first into my shit covered cake! I chew huge chunks of my fresh shit! I rub my horny pussy and smear shit and cake all over my body and my face! It get everywhere! In my mouth, in my hair, all over my huge tits! This one is so much fun! This is by far the most fun I have ever had making a shit video! And the best orgasm I?ve had in a while! I hope you love this one as much as I do! Download Happy Birthday Shit Eater movie

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