The Collection!

How many loads do you thing this is? Watch me play with a huge pile of my shit! Then I squat right over it and shit and piss on the huge pile of shit! I make my asshole wink and dig my fingers in my ass to make sure my hole is completely empty! I marvel at the massive pile of shit! It?s so huge and beautiful! I can?t wait to do dirty disgusting things with it! I sniff it and take a few bites! I love chewing my shit! Then I pile up all the logs and hump the huge pile! I rub my horny pussy all of my shit and then sit on it covering my ass with shit! I lean back and stuff a huge piece up my pussy! I grab more and more and keep shoving it up my hole! I grunt and moan as I push the shit out of my pussy! I grab the shit that was once in my ass, then in my pussy, and push it back up into my ass! I get my pretty little asshole covered with shit! When I?ve got a few pieces shoved up my hole I push and push and shit my shit out of my ass AGAIN! I rub my shit all over my huge tits and talk dirty to you. I wish it was you fucking my dirty shit covered ass! I wish it was you fucking my shitty pussy! Listen to me talking dirty for you. Watch me being a happy shit lover for you! Enjoy! 🙂 Download The Collection! movie

220 Farts, 12 messy minutes.

My camera went on strike!! So Ive spent a number of hours compiling only my favorite and best farts from multiple of my top clips, which include Plugging his nose, Nose Injections, White Sheer Panties – INCLUDES FARTS FOUND IN THE DELETED SCENE, No Filter, Shart Slavery, Shart Mummification, Bf takes HUGE BLASTS, The Surprise and finally.. The last minute includes footage from a video that I didnt feel was good enough for an entire clip and never released ( includes a fucking machine though ;D) Each blast is guaranteed to be 3-6 seconds apart, this clip is LOADED!!! But isnt at a cheap cost as it includes all of the prime material from all of my top rated, along with a solid 6-7 hours of cutting and editing work. Download 220 Farts, 12 messy minutes. movie

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