Facial scat

Domestic slave lick his Mistress ass as he waits for his facial treatment, his Mistress then shit on his mouth and she rubs it all over his face. Download Facial scat movie

Stinky foots and shitty Pralines

I sit on the chair and you can see my stinky foots and i give you so near on the camera!! Want you lick and sniff my foots Looser? Then i must shit,too much brown Pralines for you,ah and i make hot Dirty Talk in this time!! I press the shit on my rosette…..Slave,eat the shit and lick my foots,my stinky little foots!! Download Stinky foots and shitty Pralines movie


In an abandoned area I met one of my moneyslaves. According to my command, he was waiting for me naked but only with the money in his hands in a dirty hole. After handing over of the money, he was allowed to worship my golden high heels and then he received his punishment for this mingy pocket money. If he is allowed to meet his mistress, he must think about the amount to spend as reward… Instead of beeing allowed to massage my feet, the day ends in pain for him. Of course I ordered him to swallow my caviar. He lamented, choked and cried, but nothing helped. In the end he gulped the whole load down. Download Moneyslave movie

Toilet Issues!

He has issues; he can only attain sexual pleasure when consuming the bodily fluids and wastes of women, preferably pretty ones. So he hires this bitch who can give it to him for a tidy sum of cash. She starts things off with spitting into his open mouth. She takes off her panties and squats on his face. She pisses on him, making him drink all the warm liquid. She concentrates hard and soon ejects chunks of shit on his face and makes him eat all of it. Download Toilet Issues! movie

214.2 Scat KV Halloween German slave

214.2 Look, think and after write me abouth. When a slave loose my BIG TURD it easy to understand that Im not happy. In ENGLISH. I do not punish this slave by wipping just because he say me before to come by me in Sardinia he can not have torture. But, he know, i punish him in the next days and in the next movies (we do) by cerebral punishment and psicological too, into video 215 and 216 that i will publish here on Yezz. My english is very bad, i hope you can understand what i mean. MP4 Download 214.2 Scat KV Halloween German slave movie

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