Naughty Doctor Pukes on Clueless Patient – Full Movie

Unknown to her patients, this nasty female doc has a disgusting fetish. She has this need to spread her bodily fluids on other people. Her current patient is about to discover the truth. She convinces him to go along with her shit by playing with her cunt to entice him. She makes him lie down on the floor, naked, and then spits on his helpless face. After filling his face with spit, she blows her nose and lets the mucus drip down his head. Afterwards, she places a finger down her throat and pukes all over him. She makes him eat as much puke as he can manage and tells him that this is the cure to his illness. Download Naughty Doctor Pukes on Clueless Patient – Full Movie movie


Sitting comfortably on the stool, while Im smoking a cigarette, my bitch waits patiently for something very special … even though she knows that she will be punished with the whip of dressage and she will not be allowed to approach My feet for no reason. Once Im satisfied she will receive all my shit completely in her mouth, but something else is going to get? Download MISTRESS GAIA – CASTIGATE SHIT movie

Lisas Scat Bitch Part1

I have ordered for Lisa a new slave, ready for her to be served with tremendous amounts of shit. And she serves him well. But she cant help stimulating herself beforehand. Every now and then she interrupts herself and walks over to the slave, who is lying in the bath-tub making herself even more horny. She pisses on the slave and then he has to lick her feet. After that she leaves him again and continues to stimulate herself? !no scat in this part! Download Lisas Scat Bitch Part1 movie

Enprisoned slave drinks golden nectar

This slave is help in captivity and his bad behavior means he is not yet given the honor of consuming the prison wardens solid gifts. Instead the prison warden introduces him to her way of punishment by unleashing a firm stream of piss into his mouth. This prison warden is caring out a training exercise for her trainee warden so she can continue the punishment in her absence. For the slave it means that he is humiliated by true Mistresses at once and maybe next time he is given the honor of solid golden nuggets. ***SPECIAL DISCOUNT*** Download Enprisoned slave drinks golden nectar movie

Mountain Shit Served

I was about to run to the bathroom but I couldnt hold it in! Actually while trying to show off my ass some shit accidentally fell out! Its a brown mountain of dark shit for you! I get my ass up in the air, spread my cheeks and shit on a plate for you. Encouraging you to eat it and lick my plate clean…after all that is OUR duty! And while you watch me shit for you Ill encourage you to jerk off and give you a count down! Download Mountain Shit Served movie

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