Warm Breast Milk And Shit!

Ive started pumping my big, milky tits! I start with a small nipple stimulator to get the milk flowing to my nipples and then I bring out my lactation pump! This is what new mothers use! I put my big, heavy tits to the pumps and turn it on! Oh! Its so intense! The way the suction pulls at my sensitive nipples drives me crazy! It isnt long before my breast milk is filling up the bottles! Wow! Look at all the milk that came out of my big beautiful breasts! Do you want to try my milk!? I do! I put the bottle to my lips and take several taste of my own warm breast milk! Its so sweet! Not like cows milk at all! I love how delicious and sweet and warm it is! It tastes so good! I know of only one thing that will make my milk taste even sweeter! I put the bottle down on the floor and squat over it. I spread my ass cheeks and push out a nice big load of shit! I push my fresh shit into the bottle and swirl it around! Are you thirsty now!? Do you want to drink my warm shit milk!? Enjoy! Download Warm Breast Milk And Shit! movie


202. This is my BIG SHIT of the 1 st July 2015. So, it is so fresh, and so warm, and so smelling…. but you can not taste it if you will not come here by me in Sardinia for yours holidays! Unluckly there is no slave to eat it, but my shit was so hard and beautifull that i decide to do a clip when i do it. Yhe SHIT is from a “Risotto alla Milanese bianco”, i like to kook it, that means white rice Milaneense receipt, with onoin (White onions), PARMIGIANO, olive oil, may be some butter. I kook very well, all my european slaves love my dishes, the day before and… the day after, when they can taste the same speciallity directly from my ass. MP4. Enjoy to think you are here to eat it!!!!! Im shitting and peeing in this clip, ALL TOGETHER! Download 202. BIG SHIT movie

Shit For Dinner

Imagine that you come home and find that I have your dinner all ready on the table. There are candles and a fancy table cloth. Your dinner is under a silver lid so you dont know what it is. We both sit down to eat. You lift the lid covering your dinner and see that it is a giant pile of my fresh delicious poop! Does your cock start to twitch and swell as the scent of my shit enters your nose? Does your mouth water in anticipation of eat your stinky dinner? I pick up my cutlery and cut off a big piece of shit. I love talking dirty to you. Do you want to hear all of the sick, disgusting things that run through my head as we chew and eat our dinner? This is one dinner we will never forget! Enjoy! Download Shit For Dinner movie

Classy Business Woman Farts

Even sexy business women need to let it rip! After work I get home and all those farts Ive been holding on to just need to be released so get ready for multiple loud badass farts. Obviously I need to tease and taunt you with my crotch and panties. Get close up and get ready! Download Classy Business Woman Farts movie

I Love Watching My Chick Take a Dump

Of course I love it when I watch my chick sucking my cock, but I love it even more when I watch her take a dump. Right now, shes squatting on the toilet bowl, shooting liquid shit all over it. See, I made her take something that will encourage diarrhea and now its taking effect. Oh, shell keep shitting and shitting as long as I like to watch! Download I Love Watching My Chick Take a Dump movie

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